Monday, June 13, 2011

The Well Runs Deep

One of my biggest fears as a writer has always been that one day I will run out of ideas. Run completely and utterly dry. That maybe one day I'll get published, and my publishers will expect another book, and there will be nothing left in me. This (among other things) results in Writer's Block, an ever expanding pile of unfinished stories, cold sweats, and a crippling reluctance to submit manuscripts to publishing companies.

So one night as I lay in bed worrying about this, I started to tick off all the unfinished projects and ideas I have floating around. I found that I couldn't keep track of them all on my fingers. So over the next few days, I compiled a list - not just of ideas, but which of those ideas have sequel potential, as well.

After finishing said list, I am now more afraid that I will never be able to write them all! I am overwhelmed with the sheer number of stories that need to be told and that they are locked in my head until I record them. Terrifying!

So the hard part now is deciding which projects have the most potential - both for me actually completing them and also being published. I had probably better focus on those and stop getting distracted by the tangents.

(Yeah, right. I will always follow the tangents. Sometimes stories just pop up and insist that they need to be told right now, and I have no choice but to oblige.)

I am going to try not to panic. This is a good problem to have. Right? I really have my work cut out for me, so it's time to buckle down and get to writing.

We won't count the epically unproductive vacation I just got back from. I've put it behind me, and I will make up for it by plodding along with my regularly scheduled fits and starts.

Hopefully I will finish something soon.

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  1. The tangents are where the beauty comes in. I love the math version of tangents--you are going around in a beautiful circle, a perfect, round, excellent shape, and then you fly off the side into the universe beyond! Fly on with those tangents!