Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Comments and The First Input/Output

I have a quick public service announcement, then we'll get you back to your regularly scheduled blog:

It was brought to my attention that people were having difficulty leaving comments on my site. This should now be fixed and anyone can comment - you don't need a special account or login or anything. I apologize for my technological ignorance, and I hope those of you who visit will now comment liberally.

I got so excited about the concept of the Input/Output posts, and still haven't done one. As I am still project-less, I feel like a poser bringing it up, but I'll give you a quick rundown of what I've been reading. Maybe it'll help me pick a project.

I just finished the book Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever. I got it for a couple bucks on the last day that Borders was open because it sounded interesting (and was cheap). It had a lot of good advice for health, but at the same time it talked a lot about advances in medicine and technology that will allow us to live for hundreds of years. Some of that stuff seemed incredibly science-fictiony and it gave me a lot of creepy ideas involving nanobots taking over human bodies. You rely on technology that much, something is going to go horribly wrong. I've tucked away a lot of ideas and marked some pages to go back to when I'm in the mood to write sci-fi/horror.

 I am reading a gigantic stand-alone fantasy novel by Tad Williams called The War of the Flowers. I'm almost halfway through this behemoth and it's finally starting to get exciting, but I still don't really like any of the characters. The world building is kind of creative, but my overall feeling is kind of meh. I started reading it to help with atmosphere for the story I was transcribing, but that fell totally flat. I am just not in a high fantasy mindset these days.

I watched David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in a movie version of Hamlet, and it was phenomenal. I am still a little hung up on David Tennant, and now he has me thinking about Shakespeare. I'm going to stay away from more Doctor Who fanfiction, but I'm thinking about re-reading some Shakespeare plays. Maybe I'll do an adaptation. Could be fun. I wrote a Shakespearian sonnet while I was studying Shakespeare in college (one of the best poems I've ever written, in my humble opinion, although that isn't saying much since I'm not much of a poet). Maybe I'll give it another go. Although I'm not really in poetry mode, either.

I have the tendency to read several books at once, and while I always try to read at least something non-fiction so I get a healthy balance of information and pleasure, I do read a lot of fluffy stuff. I hate to say it, but I am hopelessly stuck on a smutty urban fantasy series with a badass vampire hunter chick (and, ironically, the first book is called Guilty Pleasures). All I want to read and write is urban fantasy. Trouble is, none of my story ideas really lend themselves to that genre, so I will either have to adapt an idea or come up with one from scratch.

I think this is why my muse is a beached whale right now; I don't have a story that fits my mood. Giving it gentle nudges in the direction I wanted it to go hasn't been working. So now I just need to come up with a plot and a world and some characters.


I might have a start, though. I went to a mindnumbingly boring training for work last week, and the notes I took morphed into a cross between making fun of the guy giving the training, and trying to create a story out of some of the things he said. It left me with a couple of snippets that I might try to weave together into a short story. An actual short story (since my shorts have been ranging 15k words, which really is too long to be short). Maybe 6-8k words.

So, what are you reading right now?

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  1. Nice! I just finished "Granny Made Me an Anarchist," one of the more entertaining political memoirs out there; "The Virgin Suicides;" and "Revolutionary Rehearsals." Moving on now to "Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchy." Can you tell there are some themes there...