Friday, July 1, 2011

Sally Prescott made it home safely

I took advantage of the fact that there was nobody in my office at work today and did some writing on the Sally Prescott adventure.

It's officially finished!

Ok, when I say finished, what I really mean is written. I'm not done with it by a long shot. It's one of those "shitty first drafts" that all the writers talk about, so it needs a lot of tweaking before I let anyone else read it. But. It's written. I have a complete story to work with.

You may or may not realize what a milestone this is for me. Or even the Doctor Who fanfic. I have long suffered an acute case of Unfinished Story. I know it's a common syndrome among writers, but mine is particularly severe. National Novel Writing Month did wonders as far as treatment; I finished my November novels for the last two years in a row now. But it didn't cure me of it completely. Outside of November, I hardly write at all, let alone finish a story.

With Sally Prescott and the Haunted Treasure, and also the Doctor Who fanfic, I have finished two whole stories outside of November. I am making progress.

These two newest accomplishments were for the pure fun of writing. No deadlines, no accountability, just me finally getting serious about my craft. It was also an exercise in confidence building: I proved to myself that I can finish what I start.

Of course I've realized that neither of them are publishable. As much as I love Sally and her wacky adventures, I will probably always write those for fun, and only share them on Scribd. Maybe someday when I have enough of them I'll make a collection and self publish them on Create Space. The Offbeat Adventures of Sally Prescott Volume One or something. At around 30 pages apiece, they're too short to be novels and too long to be short stories, and honestly I wouldn't want them any longer than that.

It's interesting. Most of my shorts end up being about that long. Maybe I should be writing for television?

I made a deal with myself that I could move on to the next big project once I finished writing those two stories. Well I've finished just in time for the start of the very first session of Camp Nanowrimo! I wasn't going to do it, but it's July 1st and I have a three day weekend ahead of me. Plus, I was a good girl and finished my dinner, so now I get dessert, right? I think I'll give it a shot. Nothing ventured nothing gained, as they say.

I'm guess I'm off to camp!

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