Friday, August 12, 2011

Watch out for that Hole

Is this what a plot hole looks like?
The one cool thing I took away from the Tad Williams book I read was that the goblins in his faerie world always told their stories with a hole in the middle. It was a neat concept - you'd have the beginning, and then the middle, but then all of a sudden you're at the end and it's like you missed a chapter or something, because the event that led from here to there was missing. It was up to the listener to fill in the blanks. It thought it was a very clever device.

Well, I seem to be having that problem with my current story, although not intentionally. There is one pivotal scene that changes it from a story about a normal girl moving to a new town and trying to fit in, to a girl who becomes a vampire hunter bent on revenge. I've written up to the scene itself, and several snippets after that scene...but I have yet to write the scene itself.

I always do this when there's a scene I don't want to write. I do whatever I can to write around it. I add backstory, I add subplots, invent new characters, and this time I'm even writing later stuff (which I almost never do), but I avoid the actual scene.

Not that I haven't been thinking about it. It's pretty much all I can think about: how am I going to write this scene? I've written it in my head a thousand times, but I have yet to commit it to paper.

What's the problem?

I have no idea, but my suspicion is that it's going to be a hard scene to write and I'm being a weeny.

So for now, my story is like a goblin story from The War of the Flowers, with a gaping hole in the middle of the narrative.

My plan tonight is to settle down at my computer with a bottle of wine and get the damn thing written.

Wish me luck.

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