Friday, July 20, 2012

The Confabulator Cafe Mafia

Tonight was a night of mixed emotions.

Over the past year, my writing group has become more than just some people I write with now and then, and have become much more like family. We encourage and support each other, we're brutally honest in our beta reads, we feed off of each other's success and bolster each other when we have our own.

We always have lots of exciting and new things going on, but this month, there are two particular things, one great, and one very sad.

Tonight we had a little pre-release party for our first published novelist, R.L. Naquin. Her first book comes out July 30th from Carina Press (go pre-order it)! We're all very excited and proud of her.

But this party had another purpose. One of our family members is moving away at the end of this month, so it was also a farewell party. He'll still be with us at the Confabulator Cafe, but our monthly meetings and drinking nights will definitely feel his absence.

And so our group evolves yet again. That's sort of how life works, I know, but it's never easy. The internet enables us to never be very far away from our friends and family, though. The Cafe unites us, and really, it's a bit like the Mafia. Once you are part of the family, you never get out. You can move away, but you can't escape us. Maybe someday we'll have branches of our family all across the US (we already have one in Texas, an honorary member in Washington, and now we're conquering Virginia).

But the Confabulator Cafe will always be home. And these writers will always be my family.

Congratulations, Rachel, and best of luck to you, Larry.

You bet we had cake! (photo by Dave Dehetre)

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