Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October Update: Weddings and Nanowrimo

Well, friends, I am officially married to Jack Campbell Jr. The honeymoon was relaxing and amazing and the wedding was fun and went off without a hitch. Well, without any big hitches, anyway. We had amazing weather for the wedding and we vacationed in California for the honeymoon, so of course the weather was perfect for that whole week, too.

The only downside to the honeymoon is that I did not get any writing done. Jack was super productive, but I mostly just relaxed and wrote in my trip journal and read a ton and emailed about last-minute wedding details. And ate and drank a ton.

As fun as it all was, I am glad it is behind me, though. It was a lot of stress and money and my life in absolute chaos. I'm relieved to be settling back into my routine.

Although that routine is already slightly off.

Because National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us. I've been working on scheduling and event planning and organizing the region for November. And also doing a bit of novel prep myself. Things will be nuts for the next month and a half. But at least I'm pretty much old hat at it by now, and I've had a ton of help from the LFK Writers, since most of them are veterans of at least a few years.

The only thing I'm sad about as far as this update goes is that I never did get any editing done on Monsters of Lawrence. I had hoped to be done with that by now, but at this rate, it looks like it's going to become another one of my 2016 projects.

My list of 2016 projects has become quite extensive. I might need to take a few steps back and prioritize some things while allowing other things to take a back burner. I doubt I'll be able to edit and submit my novel, put together a collection of all of my stories, and start a publishing company all while balancing my freelance editing projects and writing for the Cafe.

The rest of this year is dedicated to NaNo and writing one last story for the Cafe this year (a tie-in story for Monsters of Lawrence, so at least I'll be revisiting that world this year). I imagine I will post at least once during NaNo (We'll be live-blogging at the Confabulator Cafe during NaNo, so I'll try to remember to link those here, as well), and do a kind of wrap-up retrospective plus what I want to do next year type post in December.

We'll see how I feel about my project list once the holidays are over. December is usually for being lazy and catching up on reading and TV. If I can write a novel next month and a short story for January in December, I'll consider this year a success.