Current Writing Projects

Monsters of Lawrence and it's sequel, Towers of Kansas, are finished. I'm slated to start writing book three, Scions of Mythos, in 2017. Towers is going through the editing process now, and Monsters is ready for querying. If I don't get accepted by an agent or publisher by the end of this year, I plan on self-publishing.

I'm also working on my adventure series novellas. Depending on how well they do, I may reveal my pseudonym here. At this time, I'm reluctant to tie it to my actual name, especially trying to get more serious urban fantasy published.

Also this year, I hope to dive into a developmental edit for a paranormal romance book I started awhile back temporarily titled Online Dating for Demons. Once I get that one cleaned up, I'd like to start querying it, as well. If Monsters doesn't get picked up, I am confident that Demons will.

And hell, if neither of those get picked up, I've got the first book in a planned trilogy I'm currently calling Druid Wars. The first draft of the first book is pretty solid. The first chapter or two need a pretty heavy revision and it needs to go through beta readers (who are indefinitely occupied with the Monsters series), but hopefully it will have better luck getting picked up someday if my first two series attempts do not.

I also intermittently write short stories for The Confabulator Cafe. We write to a different prompt each month, so check back often to see the wonderful range of stories that come from the monthly prompts. If you read carefully, you might be able to find the stories that are tie-ins for bigger worlds.