Friday, September 30, 2011

Done! But not Done Done

At 10:58pm this evening, I successfully reached my September word count goal of 90,110 words. With an hour to spare. That's a solid 25k more words than I've ever written on a single story before. I've blown my personal record away and established that I do, in fact, have the ability to write a full length novel. I consider L33T September a success.

For the most part.

The whole point of L33T September was to write 40k more words on my August Camp Nanowrimo story so that I could finish the novel.

Word count goal I met, but the damn thing still isn't finished. Nor do I have any idea how many more words or months it's going to take me to wrap it up. I think I am beginning to have an inkling as to why it took George R. R. Martin so long to write his most recent book.

So while I am absolutely astounded that I've written 90,000 words, I am also quite depressed. I still don't feel like I've proven myself as a novelist since I still haven't written a complete novel.

Where unfinished novels go to die
I am also depressed because I was looking forward to taking a month off before jumping into National Novel Writing Month, which a mere month away. But if I quit writing now, I will never finish it. I know myself. It will go to the Nanowrimo Graveyard.

I refuse to let that happen. So I will plod on into October and keep writing, maybe with a nice, modest word count goal of 1,000 words a day until the monstrosity  is done, and just pray to the writing gods that I don't burn out before November.

Speaking of Nanowrimo, though, I am starting to get excited. Had my first meeting with my co-ML today, and we're planning a great month for our Wrimos. Should be a good time for all. I've also finally settled (tentatively) on an idea. That's not saying a whole lot, because I've been known to change my idea the day before Nanowrimo starts, but it's a place to start at least. I'm going to miss The Boss a great deal this year, although he's promised to still dish out plenty of guff, since he's signed up as a rival region co-ML. Bring it on, I say.

So, are you planning on participating in Nanowrimo? Check them out: National Novel Writing Month.

Also, I need a catchy name for writing this October. I had Camp Nanowrimo in August, L33T maybe Last Chance October? Save Sara's Story from the Nanowrimo Graveyard Month? Hah. Graveyard...October...Halloween...maybe?

Like I've said before: I am miserable at coming up with catchy titles. Help a girl out?


  1. Keep at it! 90,000 words is impressive! Taking a month off probably isn't the best idea and if you write all of October you'll be that much closer when November starts! Good luck!

  2. Awww, thanks, Lopez :) And thanks to you, too, Anonymous! Apparently I need the luck.