Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Steps Forward

As I mentioned last week, January brings crippling bouts of writer's block and a wide range of insecurities and depression. My writing always suffers.

It's a familiar cycle, although it's still painful every year. I am trying to take comfort right now in the fact that I have, on record, the last two painful Januarys, and I survived them both. I have learned not to push myself too hard or expect too much and be very proud of myself for any forward motion.

And so, I applaud myself this week. I was struck with sudden inspiration and managed to write my next two Confabulator Cafe assignments, including a not-so-flash-fiction retelling of a fairytale. That will go up next week. It's a twisted tale, of course, because I put all my pain and misery into my writing, but I am happy with how it turned out. So you should go read it. I'll try to remember to advertise here when it goes live.

Not only did I get those things written, I started poking around Duotrope (which, I'm sad to say, is no longer free - but for $50 a year, I decided it was an investment in my writing career), which culminated in me sending out all of the stories that had come back rejected at the end of last year. I even found another market to submit my novella to, once I clean it up a bit more (it needs about 1000 more words in the revision), I'll send that out, as well.

Lastly, my next class in the professional editing sequence started this week. Even after the trauma of my grammar class last semester, I am geeky-excited about it right now. I'm sure I'll complain about it plenty down the line, but I'm excited now. I wrote all of my reading assignments out on sticky notes and put them in my textbooks. I was the first person to introduce myself on the forum. Looking over the syllabus, I think this class may be a little more fun and a little more in line with what I was hoping this certificate would be like. I'm allowing myself to be hopeful right now, because I start having panic attacks if I think about how miserable I was during the grammar class.

Even though it seems like the rest of my life is in chaos, at least I'm still making steps towards my writing and editing goals. I just have to keep holding on (tightly) to that.

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