Friday, October 28, 2011

Three Days to Spare

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I am slowly releasing my death grip on Monsters of Lawrence. I have been obsessively thinking about all of the editing that it needs: all of the places it makes no sense, where the characters act out of character, what I could change to make the story more powerful. Have I reached the beating a dead horse to death stage? Maybe. Probably.

It's been difficult to get excited about NaNoWriMo when all I can think about is Monsters.

Although thinking about monsters in a more general sense has sparked a brilliant story idea. One I am super excited about. One I am going to use as my novel for November. Three days to spare! Phew. Cutting it close this year.

This will make the third idea I've tossed around and thought I wanted to use. It's safe to say that this is the one I'm sticking with, though. I am notorious for waffling up until the last minute when it comes to ideas for NaNo, but lightning always seems to strike a few days before the event, and all doubt is erased.

All doubt has been erased.

And you will totally see why when I explain my idea.

The premise: an online dating service for demons.

Ok, so maybe I am a bit bitter about my online dating experiences. And I was thinking about dating this morning. And about demons. And the two sort of coalesced in my mind and I started to laugh. Online dating for demons? Surely this idea has been done! Still, I kept giggling and kept picturing what these demon profiles would look like. The thought of demons dating is a pretty ridiculous thought to begin with, but throw in the designed specifically for them?

Tell me that's not brilliant.

And after a quick search on both Amazon and Google, there doesn't appear to be any prominent books based around this idea.

Which actually makes me worry. Maybe this isn't such a brilliant idea after all? I mean, come on, everything has already been done. I know I'm not that original. Maybe someone tried it and it totally bombed. Although I'm sure buried in some paranormal romance or urban fantasy novel, there is an online dating service for demons. And I really want to read it.

One way or another, it doesn't matter. Lightning struck, and I am writing this story. Already I have characters waving at me, telling me how they fit into this story. I have a villain (who thinks he's a good guy), and a love story (which, of course, I have to have if it's about online dating), and a whole realm of character possibilities from the demon/monster world.

I just have to decide how serious or ludicrous the tone of this story is going to be. The love story is already turning slightly tragic in my mind, and there are some other really tragic things going on, but, I mean, really: it's online dating. That whole concept is just tragically funny. Everybody seems to have a good online dating story.

So this is a call to my readers. I need your help! Tell me your best funny/horrific/amazing online dating stories. I need material for my book.

Ok, November. I am ready for you now. Bring it on, NaNoWriMo.

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