Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Online Dating for Demons

Everybody's favorite serial killer
National Novel Writing Month is officially underway, and Online Dating For Demons now has an opening scene. I started the month unsure of a lot of things about my novel. After the first day, I still am unsure about most of those things, but I've settled into the spirit of NaNo, so I have confidence that things will work themselves out as I write.

So far I've got demons named using Latin, a demon serial killer who I've just discovered likes Stevie Ray Vaughn, and a fat, insecure demon on a blind date from the online demon dating service.

Oh, and a gruesome murder. That I enjoyed writing way too much.

For some reason, everything I've tried to write lately has turned into horror. Or at least, I thought it was lately. I've been thinking back to some of my old stories, and it seems I've had a horror fixation for awhile. I blame Joss Whedon and Clive Barker.

It doesn't help that my Dexter calendar this month has a picture of Dexter smugly holding an axe.

There will still be love stories in what was originally supposed to be a somewhat fluffy paranormal romance, but they are going the way of Shakespeare's tragedies. Or his comedies, even.

I will admit to something: I had serious concerns about my ability to start another book so close on the heels of my last one. I had no motivation to write, and couldn't get my head out of one project and into the next.

But NaNo is truly magical. The second midnight struck I was writing, and by the end of the first day, I was in the zone. My head was buzzing, filled with ideas and pride, as I tried to fall asleep. I am only 1700 words in, I'm not sure what my next scene is going to be, but the words are solid, and I have big hopes for this story.

It makes me a bit nervous to have high hopes, though. Makes it too easy to disappoint myself, and adds more pressure to try and make it good. And then Publishing Paralysis sneaks up and Writer's Block plops itself in the middle of my keyboard and my muse runs off with another writer.

But. I'm getting ahead of myself. Those are more likely to be Week Two problems. Right now I am definitely wrapped in the warm fuzzies of Week One. I really love my story so far. I'm excited to write it and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens!

I'll keep track of my word count and my favorite lines on the Current Writing Projects page, so check back frequently. I'll let you know how things are going in another blog post after a few days.


  1. I'm glad I'm keeping up with everyone's blogs better this year (at least right now). It's amazing how we all go through the same things at the same times (well not that bit so much because we're all doing NaNo) and I feel like we're all supporting one another so much better than before.

    Maybe it's because Ted left? I don't know...

    I really like your premise for this book, Sara, and I'm going to find time to read your books in the new year.

    See you at the WriteIn!

  2. Yes, I really love our writing group right now - you all feel like an adoptive family to me. Your support has helped me so much the past year. I think the writing group has always been what the members in it wanted it to be, and we're all looking for support and encouragement these days.

    I love the premise of your book, too! I think next year we will all be better about reading each other's books. I'm excited to share my writing with you, Jason!