Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Write-In Magic

Magic: The Write-In Gathering
The Write-In is a powerful part of National Novel Writing Month. I've already discussed how Nanowrimo is all about the community, and write-ins are a key component of that. 

There is a particular tool used in conjunction with the write-in, which can be in-person or virtual in nature, and that is the Word Sprint, which is also magical.

Here are some examples of write-in and word sprint magic:

  • They have unclogged my writer's block more than once, one time resulting in an info dump that helped me explore my character, and another pushing me through a painfully uncomfortable scene from the point of view of my serial killer character. The most recent set of sprints during an online get together with The Writing Buddy resulted in a lovely word-boosting sex scene. I can now reclaim this story as a paranormal romance!
  • They got R.L. Naquin back on track. She was frozen, unable to figure out what came next, having doubt, which she tried to Give Fear A Swift Kick Out the Door. It wasn't until the write-in and our word sprinting that she was able to start hammering away at it again.
  • Between the online and in-person word sprints, we shot several people past 25k and even 30k. They even helped my poor Writing Buddy get back some words she sadly lost due to technology failure.
  • Word sprints at write-ins, a blissful silence descends, except for the clack of keys. It's motivating and helps us flighty writers focus.
  • My favorite part is the whole room full of energy from the humming minds of writers. The air just oozes creativity when you get that many writers in a room working on their novels. Some of my best stuff comes from those meetings.

So while write-ins are also for the community, and the social aspect of writing, we also get an amazing amount of writing done at those things, primarily thanks to word sprints.

I definitely need to do some word sprints tonight, as I am really lagging again. I wish I would stop hating my story every other day. Sort of takes the fun out of writing it.

The Halfway Party is tomorrow night, though, which will help with the motivation, and then, thankfully, we'll have another write-in on Thursday! I need it badly.


  1. I've been to more write ins this year than the previous two years and I'm having more fun with my novel and it's rolling right along. I haven't had any major blocks (yet) but they've helped me slog through bits that were boring me. They inspired me to drop some action in when I needed it.

  2. It's so awesome that you're having such a great year! Also makes me happy as your ML to hear that the write-ins are helpful to you, as well.