Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love is in the Air

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It's half way through the month (holy crap where did August go??) and I am on track with my novel at 25,000 words. I've reached the point where the story has taken on a life of its own, and has set my vague road map on fire and thrown it out the window. I'm ok with that, actually. It's making the trip much more interesting. And I'm pretty sure we're not lost. Yet.

But I'm feeling a bit like a sell out. I broke down and gave my protagonist a love interest. I had been trying to keep her chaste - being that she is inspired by the maiden goddess Diana, and, for a big spoiler-of-a-reason, she won't be getting together with the main boy in the story - but I've realized that chastity is boring. Or at least, I'm bored with it (I'm not sure what that says about my priorities). So I threw in another boy for her.

Maybe I haven't sold out, though. Maybe having a budding romance as a subplot makes a story more engaging.

Besides, I also want her to have a non-Hunter friend - someone who isn't involved with the dangerous Lawrence Underground. Someone that she can discover that world with, instead of having to experience it all by herself or having another character lecture her about it.

I suppose if I really want her to have a non-Hunter friend, instead of a "civilian" she could befriend one of the monsters who could then introduce her to the fantastical underbelly of Lawrence. Might make sense, since the goddess Diana is also associated with being able to talk to and control animals.

It's become apparent that my need for another character is a crutch; I am a dialog fanatic. I need someone for her to talk to. She talks to herself too much already, and I write dialog so much better than I do action or description.

So anyway, what do you think? Do you think a love/romantic interest adds an interesting dynamic to a story, or do you think it's distracting and irrelevant? Is adding another male character superfluous?

As a side note, I am considering having her fall in love with a unicorn trapped in the body of woman (my sister's character suggestion that I am taking a liberty with). This would probably be instead of the male love interest, if I go that route. More interesting? Or maybe too contrived?

For the record, she is NOT falling in love with a vampire. My vampires are proper vampires - the terrifying kind that violently rip your throat out just because it's funny and they are only interested in humans because their hot red blood is delicious.

So yeah. Who's hungry?

End of side note.

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