Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April Update: Big Decisions

I'm starting to think I might need to update here more than once a month. I never think I'm going to have enough to talk about for a whole blog post, but then I look back at the previous entry and realize how much ground I've covered.

Which is why I do this blog. I lose sight of my progress if I don't check in.

So, first. Monsters of Lawrence. My theta reader says it's done. All of the things have been fixed (although we're still scratching our heads over what to do about the first chapter, which apparently still sucks). She is going to copy edit it for me, and then I'm going to send it out to a few more agents (I have already received three rejections out of six queries, which crushed me more than I like to admit).

I am not banking on agents, though. At this point, I think I've decided to self-publish the Mythos series. At least Diana's trilogy. I don't know that I am prepared to do any more substantial editing on it, and I know that an agent and then potentially a publisher's editor very likely will ask me to make more changes. It's where I want it. Like it or not, this is the story it is. It is the story of my heart. So. If I don't land an agent in another few tries after I get copy edits done, I will put it out through Bottle Cap Publishing.

I have several other more marketable story ideas and partially completed novels to work with. If my self-published trilogy can make me some money while I work on polishing and querying, all the better.

Towers of Kansas is at a standstill again, but I did get over ten thousand more words written on it after finally getting the scene order right. It's not perfect, but it's a mess because I've been writing it on and off for the last several years. I think once I sit down and write the rest of it, it'll be more cohesive. I am never leaving a book like that again. It's been a pain to match my tone and remember where I was going with stuff. I like ToK a lot, but I'm ready to be done writing it so I can get started on Diana's conclusion.

Because I made a HUGE project list the other day. I have tentatively scheduled what I should be working on each month through October of 2018. I may deviate from it, but for the most part, I'm hoping to work on the Mythos books, Online Dating for Demons, and the Druid Wars trilogy over the next couple of years while doing an episode for my adventure series between each larger project. The adventure series will go out under a pen name sometime in 2018. I love the stories and the characters, but I don't necessarily want it to be associated with the more serious brand I am trying to develop.

And speaking of brands...I've decided that I am going to retire as a freelance editor. It lasted barely a year, but I've decided I want to focus more on my writing career, and I don't have enough free time to do both writing and editing. I will continue to be the primary editor for Bottle Cap Publishing, but no more begging for clients for me. I will probably take down my website once its renewal comes up. I have one last freelance client to do at the end of this month, but then I won't take on any new clients going forward. I suppose I may take on a project here and there--small ones, at any rate--if the project sounds interesting to me. While the few grand a year will be sad to say goodbye to, I'm hoping before long I can make up that difference with writing.

Oh, and the hunt for office space is on. Bottle Cap Publishing has decided that we all need an office. Rachel needs it during the day. I need it for when I need to get work done and the boys are being distracting or the puppy is or the messy state of the house is. I need to be able to get away and do some work without the interruptions or the guilt that I should be doing something else. With Rachel and Kevin's help, we should be able to afford a small space somewhere in town. If we can get anyone to call us back.

Ok, I think that's enough for now, even though there are other things waiting to be told. I still haven't talked about music, but I can save that for another update. I want to talk about the vampire anthology I want to coordinate, too. I also need to talk about Conquest, but I will probably devote some time to that next month before I actually go. Just as a little teaser, I am going to be on SIX PANELS. Five of those are panels I suggested. Yowza. I am equal parts excited and terrified. Luckily, Jack, Rachel, and Kevin are on most of the panels with me. I can do this.