Current Writing Projects

The first three books of the MystWatch series are written, completing the Huntress story arc. Book one and book two are edited. Book two needs one or two minor tweaks before I'm completely finished with it, and this year (2019), I plan on editing book three to completion. The first book has been rejected by 60 agents and 5 publishers, so for now, this series is at a standstill on my hard drive. I may look into self-publishing in the next year or two, or I might hold on to it until I'm able to find agent representation to see what they recommend I do with it. I'm giving myself this year to not worry about it, though. I don't currently have the money to requisition an editor or cover artist, anyway, and I definitely don't have the energy to do it all myself while trying to finish up other projects.

I'm also working on my adventure series novellas. I have six out of twenty-five written, with a decent start on at least a couple others. Once I have about half of them written, I'll start self-publishing them every month under a pen name. Depending on how well they do, I may reveal my pseudonym here.

I also plan to finish up edits on the first book in a planned trilogy I'm calling Druid Wars. The first draft of the first book is pretty solid, with most of my beta reader feedback being minor except for one or two tweaks. Once that's gone through a dev edit and a line edit, I'll start the querying process for it.

Also this year, I hope to dive into a developmental edit for a paranormal romance book I wrote for NaNo awhile back, which I've retitled as Love and Demons in Los Angeles. My goal is to get it beta reader ready by early next year, then once I get that one cleaned up, start querying it, as well.

I also intermittently write short stories for The Confabulator Cafe, where we write to a different prompt each month. I also participate in at least one or two short story contests throughout the year, and often those stories get picked up by magazines or anthologies (as long as I keep up with submission).