Monday, December 3, 2018

December Update: Epicness

November was an epic month for me.

I finished the first-pass editing treatment of book three, to get a lay of the land. A few scenes need major revision and I need to write one more scene, but overall, the edits aren't as bad as I feared. Well, to get ready for beta, anyway. They'll give me a whole other set of things to fix, I'm sure.

I finished that on top of participating in NaNo. I counted my book three outlining words toward my NaNo goal, as well as some brainstorming and a short story, but that allowed me to hit 50k. I truly did not think I would be able to, but I did. And I ended up with about 40k on a new novel.

A short story I sold to a magazine went live on November 9. I subscribed to the magazine when they accepted me, and it was surreal to see my name in the subject line of their newsletter! They're a great magazine. I will definitely submit to them again. Also submitted two short stories, although one has already gotten me a rejection.

Still waiting to hear back from DAW.

I've written a few Cafe stories the last few months. Working on one for December. It's interesting how writing always turns into me working through my life stuff. The story I want to write for December turns out to be an allegory for my recent crisis of faith. My NaNo was working through grief of Kevin's passing. All of MystWatch was me working through grief over losing Mom. I asked my friends if I could ever just write something for fun, but apparently that's not how being a writer works. Oh well. What was it Greta said on that last day of NaNo? Things don't have to be real to be true. They say write what you know, and I know feelings. That's mostly what I write about.

Anyway. I'm still trying to figure out my December plans. The last couple of days I've done nothing, and it's been glorious. Although I'm deep in the post-NaNo blues where I feel like something is missing in my life, so I'd like to get back into writing again soon. I'd originally thought I might spend two weeks on Druid Wars so I could keep my promise to my brother and sister and give them something to read for Christmas. But I still don't know if I'm up for diving back into that world. I might poke at it a bit and see, but if it doesn't captivate me, then I'll push it back to next year as I'd planned last month, as I was sketching out my project timeline for next year.

I also thought about spending two weeks on SP, since December is always for "wrapping up" projects, and that is the other big unfinished one. I'm skeptical that will happen, because as I learned last year, getting anything done in December is a crapshoot. I think my one big goal is to be sure to get my Cafe story written. And if SP and Druid Wars don't catch my attention, I may poke at my NaNo novel. I also need to beta read for Amanda. I do have two weeks off at the end of the month, although there will be lots of travel during that time, so I hate to expect too much from myself. We'll see.

Anyway. I think that's it for this month, and this year! I will plan on doing the year recap and upcoming year goals in the January post. Although I did want to note real quick that I am up to almost 200k words written this year, thanks to my push for NaNo. And, stunningly, 91,500 words of that were on book three alone. That feels pretty awesome.

Anyway. Happy holidays! See you next year!