Friday, June 1, 2018

June Update: Same Old Story

Nothing like finding a pattern in something and then have it go completely sideways on you.

My productive half of the month flip-flopped on me, so I wrote almost my entire word count goal's worth of words by the 19th. So yeah. I guess the pattern to recognize isn't that certain halves of the month are more productive, or that the moon has anything to do with it, but rather that I will sometimes hit a groove during the month and sometimes I will hit a slump. Who knows when those will come, but I'm still writing consistently each month, so that's the biggest thing to keep in mind.

I easily wrote 15k words. I even ended up at about 17k words, after throwing some words at a Cafe story and participating in ConQuesT's Story-in-a-Bag contest.

I still haven't edited Druid Wars. I edited some SP shorts instead. Those are at a point where I think they just need one more line edit each, and then proofread by someone not me. And I've actually found someone to proofread for me. So that's coming along. Now I just need to write a bunch more, and I can maybe actually start monetizing them. Probably will still be a couple years yet, but that's solidifying nicely. I'm happy with things so far. I had a friend read the first couple, and she says they are a lot of fun. That's all they're really meant to be, so she's given me the confidence to go ahead with my publishing plan for them.

I'm still writing words on book three, and I'm at a point where I know all the rest of the scenes and am excited to write it. I'm aiming to write another 15-20k in June. If all goes well, I'll be able to wrap it up before July so I can spend July doing another SP Camp NaNo.

I still haven't gotten any bites as far as short story submission. I think I have one more market in mind for my time travel flash, and then I'm relegating it to the Cafe. The others I have out I am not optimistic for. I may throw one more story out there when a specific market opens up in August, but for now, I'm done with all that. It was a distraction. It's taking energy I don't really have. It was fun at first, but the rejections are starting to bother me. I know I could always try unpaid markets, but half the reason I decided to do it was to make a few bucks. I'm at a point where I don't want to write for free anymore. So I need to let the short story thing go. I'm not a short story writer. I write them for fun. I can't expect to make money on them. If I do, great. But if not, ah well.

One thing I did do last month that I hadn't planned for was submit book one to one last publisher. Maybe they'll take a chance on me. It would be so, so nice not to have to do everything myself. So fingers crossed for that. I should hear back in a couple months.

So yeah. That's where I'm at right now. Almost done writing book three. Ready to write SP 2.2 next month. Hoping against hope I might get book one picked up. And very behind on editing Druid Wars.

For June, as I mentioned, I'd like to throw enough words at book three to finish it up. And I'd like to get Druid Wars fixed up by the time #SFFpit happens on the 28th. Same old stuff. But. I'm trudging right along. Maybe I'll have more exciting things to say for next month's update!