Saturday, February 29, 2020

February Update: Still Plodding Along

I'm actually writing this update on March 1 and backdating it, because I forgot to update my progress last month. Woops. I guess that's why I was doing beginning-of-the-month posts. So I could post a few days or so in, and it wasn't a huge deal. I suppose I could date this as a normal March update, but that leaves me without an update for February, which I don't love.

So, we're going to pretend it's February 30 for the day. We're writers. We can do that, right?

That's a lie. I can't pretend it's the last day of February. I have too many things to do for the first of March. So, I'll just pretend for the sake of this post.

Okay, so, progress. Previously on my blog, I mentioned I'd been playing with all these different new dream ideas and made tentative plans to work on Druid Wars 2 and MystWatch 3 this year. I also made the goal to write 5k words a month on whatever I felt like working on.

So, this month, I bounced around a lot. I worked on a couple different short stories. I poked at Suddenly, Zombies! for an afternoon. And then, I had another YA urban fantasy dream that I wrote down...and now I have a new novel I'm working on.

I like this one better than the storm elemental one I was thinking about doing. There were pieces of that one that I didn't know how they worked, and it was a driving force of the story. So I shelved it (and also because it came during my fallow period and didn't excite me enough to bust me out of it). Now, this dream has a lot of similar elements, but came to me more fully fleshed out. Still some weird logistics I'll have to tweak, but in general, it's going to be easier to work with. Maybe less exciting, but that's okay. I'm torn, now, between the idea that this book is going to cannibalize all the pieces of that book, so I can't write it anymore. But maybe it can be in roughly the same world? It's just two mom stories. Maybe that's a wheelhouse I can get into. YA with teenagers that have magical moms and have to deal with it?

We'll see, I guess. That's getting ahead of myself. Right now, I really just want to write what I'm excited to write, and this book has permeated my mind. And the writing is relatively easy. So I feel like I'm writing on the right project.

One of the things I didn't talk about because I think it happened after my last post is that we've created a new writing group. We've pulled in all of our most dedicated and supportive members of the old, flagging group, and have set up monthly meetings and weekly check-in posts. It's really helped me a lot with the staying accountable, setting measurable and achievable goals, and even set up some writing time. We're going to meet the first Sunday of each month to address what we want from the group and how to structure it as we figure out all of our wants and needs and what works and what doesn't. We all have such discrete schedules that it's hard to make one day and time work for all of us. But. We seem to be all making writing time in drips and drabs with the people who can. I've fallen back into the Saturdays with Dianne and sometimes Amanda. It works really well for me, because I get to sleep in a bit, sometimes go for a walk, do a few chores or errands, then sit down and focus on writing for a few hours before figuring out dinner plans and stuff with the boys. Afternoons seem to be my most productive time, other than late in the evening, so it works. I don't think I'll ever be a morning writer. Mornings are for reflection and brainstorming and writing down dreams.

At any rate. That was info I needed to share but was more long-winded than I meant for it to be. The heart of this post is that I have a new novel idea, I wrote almost 7k words this month, and I'm feeling great about writing, again. I'm still planning on going slow. I still love the 5k a month on whatever I want to work on goal. I may abandon my novel mid month. Or I may have a prolific month and write 15k on it. We'll see. No pressure either way.

I do keep circling back to MystWatch, though. I tried to write some words on the Shane short, but I've decided I'm not in the write voice to write him right now. I am going to do an editing pass on books 1 and 2 in preparation for editing book 3, then hand the whole series to Aron, at least. Maybe Em, if she wants. Once I've been immersed in that world for that long, I'll have a better grasp on how to get into and wrap up Shane's story. I owe it to him. And it will help me see if I can write a spin-off series about him. I want to. I think it has potential to be cool. And it'll put me back in that world without falling back into the whole, holding on to your first completed book way past time to let it go. Which I think everyone is worried about, at this point. Me, too, a little.

I'm not making any huge plans to work on that in the next few months. I'd still like to see if I get any beta reads back. It's on Dianne's to-do list, now, so maybe in a month or so, I'll have her feedback to help guide my edit. And Jack will be done with his MFA after this weekend, as well as basketball, so hopefully he'll finally finish reading it, too. And I may nudge Rachel, just to let her know that I'd really love her thoughts and feelings on it, when she gets a chance.

Phew. That's a lot for one post. I'll end it with the goal to try to write at least another 5k next month, hopefully on my new novel. And I'm going to think on adjusting my posting schedule so it's back to being at the beginning of the month rather than the end. Maybe I'll start posting the day after our monthly meetings. We'll see how it goes.