Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Rose by any other Name...

I am abysmal at coming up with titles and names. I ordinarily add placeholder names and titles in all of my writings, and when it comes time to figure out what to actually name or title things, I really struggle. I think of something clever, and then clever seems obnoxious. I think of something bold, and then it feels pretentious. I think of something bland, and it sticks, but I know nobody will ever want to read it.

So far none of this has really mattered. I know someday it probably will. I hate titles. I will probably call upon you, readers, to help me with names and titles from time to time.

Now is one of those times. My writing group (hi guys!) has decided to put together a website. I am super excited about this. We have ideas for content, we're going to use it to promote our group and it'll be a great tool when National Novel Writing Month rolls around. It'll be a place where we can grow and document our journey and share our insights and knowledge all in one place. We even know what platform we're using and who is going to host it.

It's all ready to go.

Except that we need a name.

We just can't seem to find something we all agree on that isn't already being used or will be buried in a Google search, or so offbeat that nobody will ever search for it. Visibility is our trouble. And consensus.

So. Say you wanted to join a writing group. What kinds of names would be appealing to you?

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